Blood Type Diet: Is it the diet for you?

The blood type diet has been around for many years and just like the Paleo diet; many are for it and many are against it. I  just happen to be one of those who are for it. Why not consume a diet that’s for your specific blood type? But you have many individual who feel it isn’t inclusive enough for the average person. Welp, this diet is good for the beginner who needs a place to start.

The blood type diet was founded by Dr. Peter D’Adamo. Within his book (EAT RIGHT FOR 4 YOUR TYPE) he informs the reader of the relationship between your blood type and the different dietary choices that will help the reader live healthier. He argues that if one uses the individualized food options, for your specific blood type for eating and living, it will help you start a healthier lifestyle. This is all due to chemical reaction food has within your blood stream.  The blood type diet not only helps with weight loss, it can also help you avoid common viruses and infections associated with your blood type. Your immune system produces antibodies to protect you from antigen. Each antibody is design to attach to specific antigens. When the body recognizes an antigen it then produces more antibodies to attack it. When the antibody attaches to an antigen this is called agglutination. When agglutination occurs the body then can dispose of that antigen that can be potentially harmful to the body.

This is when agglutination and eating for your blood type come into play Each blood type has many different characteristics that allows it to eat, digest and assimilate food. Type O’s typically have strong stomach acid and powerful enzymes that can metabolize pretty much anything. Type A, B, and AB must be careful in their eating habits due to them being more susceptible to certain diseases and infections. Each blood type has a list that’s very beneficial and a list to avoid. The main reason for avoiding certain foods based on your blood type is due to protein molecules that they contain.

Am I saying you should eat strictly for your blood type ? No. But I do believe, based off of numerous studies, that this is a good way to start dieting. Each blood type has a bunch of food one can eat that many people LOVE! But then there is that list to avoid. If you’re like me (typeB) ice cream is a big NONO! And I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE ice cream. So part of me died on the inside when I saw that my blood type has an issue breaking down lectins. But then I sat back and thought of every time I ate ice cream and how I felt afterwards. What I’m trying to get at is if you know your blood type def check out the list of foods and can eat and foods to avoid. Try to pay attention to how your body reacts. But this diet, in my opinion is a good way to start your diet/healthy eating journey. Try it out and remember eat everything in moderation because you will get sick of some of the foods. Trust me! I know firsthand!


If you would like more info on your specific blood type don't hesitate to contact one of us!