Why WE need a Personal Trainier

9 reasons you need a Personal Trainer

Exercise is great in any form. Whether you’re lifting weights to get stronger or taking a jog outdoors, you’re doing something good for you and your body — the only “bad” workouts are the ones that don’t happen! That said, certain types of exercise are best suited to certain situations and for those of us with little free time to spare, specific goals to reach or not knowing where to start, working out with a personal trainer is ideal.

Here are 9 ways personal trainers reign supreme when it comes to getting you the results you want:

1. No B.S.
Everyone and their mother seems to have an opinion about fitness. Whether it’s when to stretch, where to train or why a specific technique is best, the opinions we hear about exercise are endless — and often contradictory. Personal trainers are able to cut through the noise and act as a voice of reason. Speaking from a place of education and experience – rather than emotion and fads – personal trainers can offer unrivaled and unbiased guidance on how to reach your fitness goals.

2. Maximize your ROI
Time is money, right? Personal trainers aren’t free (we wish!) and neither is your time. Maximizing the return on your time and money is essential. Personal trainers are the ultimate time-saver. Because they know how to maximize every workout, you’ll get better results faster. While it’s possible to meet fitness goals on your own, working with a personal trainer can definitely reduce the time it takes to achieve certain results.

3. You’ll stay safe & injury free 
With comprehensive knowledge, experience and expertise in fitness, personal trainers teach you the best techniques and the safest way to do them. Proper form is everything when working out, and it’s better to do two reps correctly than twenty incorrectly. When training on your own, it can be very easy to lose track of your form, which is the quickest way to injury.  Even when working out in front of a mirror, your perspective will always be limited. Personal trainers help ensure proper form and execution every time so that you get the most out of each workout and stay injury-free.

4. You are what you eat (and drink)…
Garbage in, garbage out, right? Nutrition is one of the most important factors in how you feel and in determining your body’s response to exercise. We all know that – but it’s a lot harder to understand and implement than just knowing that “I should be eating better.” That means something different for each person based on your body, as well as your weight loss (or weight gain) goals. Though most personal trainers aren’t registered dietitians, they can provide extremely valuable guidance that will make a world of difference in how you look and feel.

5. You’ll get a personalized training experience. Every time.
There’s no such thing as an “one-size-fits-all” ideal workout regimen — different techniques and training styles work better for different people. Even common exercises can be ineffective or harmful for individuals with certain body types or injuries. Personal trainers are “personal” because they tailor exercise programs to meet your individual needs and circumstances. Working out alongside a trainer gives you someone to communicate openly with and provide real-time feedback. The result is an exercise program that evolves as your body progresses.

6. You’ll stay on track
When you decide to work with a personal trainer, you suddenly have another person to keep yourself accountable and make sure you keep training. While it’s easy to come up with excuses to skip a trip to the gym, it’s much harder to come up with valid reasons to actually cancel an appointment with a personal trainer. Factoid: Four out of five gym memberships in the US go unused.

7. [Insert Cliche Motivational Saying Here]
Seriously though – we all need some external motivation. Knowing when and how to provide it is critical. When working out just doesn’t seem worth it, a personal trainer will be there to remind you that it is and why. When you’re tired and want to quit, a personal trainer will be there to support you so that you stay the course and get the results you want. That expert encouragement can make the difference between reaching your goals and giving up.

8. You’ll be supported
The path to reaching your fitness goals will inevitably be lined with bumps along the way, both mental and physical, and having an expert on your side makes the journey much smoother (and a supportive significant other never hurts either!). When confronted with transforming your body, a host of anxieties can run rampant, whether you feel overwhelmed, unconfident, intimidated, confused or all of the above. By guiding and supporting you every step of the way, a personal trainer can alleviate such anxieties. Exercise can elicit strong emotions, and personal trainers are there to talk to and comfort you when such feelings arise — consider them therapists for the body and mind!

9. What plateaus?
Following a regular workout routine isn’t easy, but even those who manage to do it aren’t set for life. Oftentimes, people with an established exercise regimen find that after a while they don’t reap the same benefits that they used to and their progress plateaus. A personal trainer is the perfect person to help you take your body to the next level.  Your trainer will amp up or modify your program to keep getting you the results you want. Fitness is a journey, not a destination, and personal trainers make that journey as dynamic and effective as possible.


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